Burger King Clones the Big Mac

It's called a Big King but it's weirdly similar to Mickey D's signature sandwich

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Burger King / AP

This undated image provided by Burger King shows the "Big King" sandwich.

What would you call a pair of beef patties with three sesame seed buns, some lettuce, onions, pickles and sauce? “Big McCopycat” could be McDonald’s answer, as Burger King reintroduces its ‘Big King.’

“Anybody can copy anybody in fast food,” Scott Hume, editor of the BurgerBusiness blog told USA Today after the announcement that Burger King was rolling out a Big Mac-lookalike. “What consumers do care about, he says, is value, convenience and taste.”

And that is exactly what Burger King is banking on, reiterating its mantra of “unique fire grilling” while refraining to comment on the fact that the new incarnation of ‘Big King,’ unlike its 1997 predecessor, even has the third slice of bun to match its rival.

McDonald’s, which honors its bestselling burger with a Big Mac Museum in North Huntingdon, Pa., has declined to comment.