Churches Woo New Members With Beer

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Jesus’ first miracle was turning water into wine, so it’s not so strange that churches are recruiting new members with craft beer.

As NPR reports, a few churches across the nation are offering services with beer, sometimes even having their services in bars.

“I find the love, I find the support, I find the non-judgmental eyes when I come here, And I find friends that love God, love craft beer,” Leah Stanfield, a weekly attendent of Church-in-a-Pub from Fort Worth, Texas told NPR.

Church-in-a-Pub in a Sunday evening service that attracts around 30 to 40 people at the Zio Carlo bar, where attendees order pizza and rounds of pitchers while having a church service, including communion. The bartender Les Bennett told NPR he leaves the bar open to the public, and says that while some bar goers leave when they realize there is a prayer service happening, other strangers will stick around.

A church group from the First Christian Church in Portland, Oregon hold a monthly Saturday night event called Beer & Hymns, where around 100 people attend mass will sipping beer from plastic cups.

The churches say the events are not necessarily permanent, but they are a good way to get people interested in coming to Mass.