Family Finds Stranger In Dad’s Casket

Random corpse was wearing dad's clothes, holding picture of dad's wife

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The funeral of a Seattle-area man took a turn for the worse this week when his family opened the coffin and realized the corpse inside wasn’t their father.

The family of Jerry Moon, who died in hospice care at the age of 72, were horrified when they opened his casket on Monday and found a body with a plastic bag over its head, KIRO-7 reports.  When they removed the bag, they realized that the man inside was wearing Moon’s clothes and holding a picture of Moon’s wife, but was not Jerry Moon.

The body got mixed up with another man who died at the same hospice facility. The 97-year old stranger took Moon’s place in his coffin, and Moon was accidentally cremated instead.

“My father was terrified of being cremated,” said Brian Moon, Jerry’s son.

It is not yet clear whether the mix-up happened at the hospice facility or the funeral home, but Moon’s family has hired a lawyer to investigate.