Boston Authorities Ban MIT Fraternity and Sorority Parties Held at Off-Campus Houses

No timeframe on when the ban, which also applies to independent student groups, will be lifted

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Boston officials have indefinitely banned all parties for MIT’s sororities, fraternities and independent student groups that are located off-campus in the Brookline and Cambridge neighborhoods, the BostonĀ Globe reports.

The ban follows an incident last month, when an 18-year-old MIT student and fraternity member fell four stories through a skylight at a fraternity house in Kenmore Square. The accident prompted the Boston Inspectional Services Department to probe the occupancy and safety regulations for off-campus properties.

Authorities are still collecting occupancy information for each property, and until all reports are approved by the city, there is no guarantee that it’s safe to host social gatherings for more than the legal amount of people permitted to live there. Failure to comply with the new restriction could result in losing a dormitory license.

MIT officials “do not yet have a timeframe” on when the city plans to announce revised figures for safety and occupancy regulations, but asks that all organizations cooperate with the ban. Fraternities, sororities and independent organizations were notified via email Friday.

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