Boy Scouts Punish Leaders Who Toppled Ancient Rock

The two Utah men violated the Scout’s “Leave No Trace” policy

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Two Utah men were stripped of their titles as Boy Scout leaders on Monday after knocking a Jurassic-era boulder from a formation at the Goblin Valley State Park.

Glenn Taylor and Dave Hall were videotaped giving each other high-fives after toppling the estimated 170 million-year-old rock while on a field trip with eight scouts, according to NBC.

The Boy Scouts issued a statement on Friday, saying they were “shocked and disappointed” by the leaders’ behavior. On Monday afternoon, they were officially removed for violating the organization’s “Leave No Trace” policy for outdoor activities.

“I love and support the Boy Scouts of America and I don’t blame them one bit for their decision, and I support it,” Hall told NBC. “We made a mistake and we need to own up to that. They did what they needed to do and we need to make amends.”

Watch the video below to see what got the leaders in trouble.

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