Accused Cyberbully’s Parents Blame Hackers

Parents say she didn't bully 12-year old Florida girl who killed herself

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The parents of one of the girls accused of cyberbullying 12-year old Rebecca Sedwick say that they closely monitored their daughter’s Facebook account and that it must have been hacked.

A Facebook post written after Sedwick’s suicide —  which said “Yes [i know] I bullied Rebecca [and] she killed her self but IDGAF [I don’t give a (f–k)]” — is what prompted authorities to charge Guadalupe Shaw, 14, and a second girl, with felony aggravated stalking. Authorities say that cyberbullying led Sedwick to jump to her death on Sept. 9.

But Shaw’s parents told ABC News Tuesday night that they watched their daughter’s Facebook usage and never saw signs of bullying. Both parents said they are “sure” their daughter’s Facebook was hacked.

“I would check her Facebook every time she would get on it,” Shaw’s mother said.

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