School Bus Drivers Back to Work in Boston After Strike

300,000 children were stranded rides Tuesday

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Boston Globe via Getty Images

BOSTON - OCTOBER 24: Two visitors to the Boston Aquarium board a school bus for their journey home to North Andover. (Photo by Pam Berry/The Boston Globe via Getty Images)

A day after a surprise drivers’ strike sent thousands of parents scrambling for alternative transportation for their kids, Boston school buses were up and running again Wednesday morning.

More than 600 buses delivered children to school this morning while some union members tried to convince their fellow drivers not to work, Boston School Department spokesman Brian Ballou told the Boston Globe. Veolia Corp., the private company that oversees bus operation for the city, told drivers they would sit down with them if they returned to work Wednesday.

Boston Mayor Thomas Menino called the strike an illegal work stoppage on Tuesday, but Veolia failed to acquire a court injunction forcing the drivers back on the road. The workers, who left 30,000 students stranded on Tuesday, have listed a number of grievances, including payroll problems.

A meeting is set for Wednesday morning between Veolia and the workers. City officials have urged parents to make backup plans in case the talks do not go well.

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