WATCH: Shopkeeper Wards Off Armed Robber With a Machete

No arrests yet

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It’s debatable if Machete Kills, and we may have to wait until the new movie is released to find out, but now we do know a machete can at least thwart a robbery.

Police in Suffolk County, N.Y., say a storekeeper who was held up at gunpoint successfully chased away a would-be robber with the large blade. The attempted larceny at Stop-N-Shop, a convenience store and deli in Brentwood took place Sept. 25, but officials released a video of the incident this week.

In the video, the suspect points a pistol in the face of the unidentified clerk and fires into the deli wall. But undaunted, the storekeeper pulls out a cleaver. The intimidated robber turns and runs out of the store, and the clerk chases him into the parking lot.

No arrests have been made in the case, but Detective Lt. Kevin Breyer told Newsday that police have been getting tips about the case since the video was released.


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