Cancer Rates Soar Among NY Cops Since 9/11

Findings released early as a health warning to New York Police Department staff

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David Handschuh / Getty Images

Firefighters and police salute during ceremonies on the twelfth anniversary of the World Trade Center terrorist attacks.

Members of the New York Police Department who spent time at ground zero in 2011 are developing cancer at much higher rates than before the terrorist attack, according to a forthcoming study.

Police Commissioner Raymond Kelly says that city’s police are showing a fivefold increase in all cancers in the the decade since the collapse of the Twin Towers, compared with the six years before.¬†Thyroid cancer, in particular, has shown a tenfold increase, while non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma has increased by 3.5 times.

The full study has not yet been released but the NYPD wanted to publicly discuss the findings in advance to alert its members.