George Zimmerman’s Wife Doubts His Innocence

'I don't know the person that I've been married to'

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George Zimmerman’s estranged wife now says she doubts his innocence in the 2012 Florida shooting that left Trayvon Martin dead.

Shellie Zimmerman, who is in the midst of divorcing George, said on NBC’s Today show Thursday that he hasn’t been the same since his acquittal on murder and manslaughter charges earlier this year. A Sept. 9 fight in which she claimed her husband threatened her with a gun has led to their looming divorce, and she wonders what really happened in the shooting that sparked a national discussion about race, guns and self-defense laws.

“I believe the evidence, but this revelation in my life has really helped me take the blinders off and start to see things differently,” Shellie Zimmerman said.

“I think anyone would doubt that innocence because I don’t know the person that I’ve been married to,” she added. “I have doubts, but I also believe the evidence.”

Representatives for George Zimmerman declined to comment to Today.

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