Bombshell Pleads Guilty To Bomb-Throwing

Former Beauty Queen Will Do Community Service For Exploding Prank

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A Utah beauty queen pleaded guilty Thursday to throwing bottle bombs from a car window in a suburb of Salt Lake City.

Kendra McKenzie Gill was crowned Miss Rivington (a feeder pageant for Miss Utah) in June, but relinquished her crown after she and three friends were caught lobbing the homemade explosives, the Associated Press reports. The bombs were plastic bottles filled with toilet cleaner, which exploded when reacting with aluminum foil. The teens were charged with attempted possession of a chemical device, which is a misdemeanor offense. Nobody was injured by any of the bottle bombs.

Each of the teens was fined $500, but the charges will be dismissed after they complete 200 hours of community service. Beauty pageant officials can dethrone a queen if she is charged with a crime.