Here’s Your Vanilla Latte, But Would You Leave the Glock at Home Next Time?

Starbucks' CEO says he’s tired of having ‘gun rallies’ at the coffee giant's franchises

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Mike Blake / Reuters

Customers enjoy their drinks outside a newly designed Starbucks coffee shop in Fountain Valley, California August 22, 2013.

Starbucks is asking its American customers to refrain from bringing firearms into their stores; however, the multinational coffee chain has stopped short of an imposing an outright ban on guns.

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Following a series of “Starbucks Appreciation Days” where gun-rights advocates slurped down their cappuccinos with a trusted firearm at hand, the company’s CEO Howard Schultz said the events “mischaracterized” the franchise’s position on the issue and had begun making other customers uncomfortable.

While the company is planning to run ads in major U.S. newspapers on Thursday asking customers to avoid bringing guns into the store, Schultz says no official ban will be instituted. Pistol-packing patrons hoping to quaff a caramel frappuccino will still be served — very politely, one assumes.