Keep Your Clothes On: TSA to Expand Pre-Screening Program

The faster security-check system will be rolled out to 60 more airports by the end of the year

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Hate walking barefoot through airport security? Soon you might not have to. The TSA is expanding its speedy screening program to 60 more airports by the end of the year, which means more passengers will be able to go through airport security without removing their shoes, jackets, or belts. But it’ll cost you.

The program, called Pre-Check, will allow passengers to apply for faster security clearance, CNN reports. Applicants must prove their identity, provide fingerprints at an enrollment center, and pay $85. If approved, Pre-Check passengers can keep all their clothes on and also keep a laptop and some small liquid items in their carry-on bags.

Pre-Check already exists in 40 airports around the country and comes at no cost, but it’s only available to passengers who are part of extreme frequent flyer programs or who have been identified as U.S. Customs trusted travelers. The expanded fee-based program will allow average travelers to apply.

According to TSA administrator John Pistole, the new program part of a shift away from TSA’s “one-size-fits all” security policy and towards a more specialized, risk-based approach.