Chelsea Manning Making Friends in Prison: Lawyer

The leaker spoke to her attorney for the first time since entering Fort Leavenworth

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Chelsea Manning’s lawyer said Thursday that the alleged Wikileaker was adjusting to prison, making friends, and “doing well,” The Guardian reports. 

Manning’s lawyer David Coombs announced on his blog that he was able to speak to his client on Wednesday during her three-week indoctrination process at Fort Leavenworth. While inmates are normally not allowed to have any outside contact during indoctrination, prison officials made an exception for Manning.

Coombs said that Manning, previously known as Bradley, had been unaware of the media response to the announcement that she is transgender. Upon hearing that many media outlets have respected her wishes and used her new name and female pronouns, Coombs said that Manning was “very happy” and “grateful… for everyone’s understanding and continued support.”

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