Teens Charged with Killing WWII Vet Say it Was a Crack Deal Gone Bad

The veteran's friends scoff at the claim

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The teenagers accused of killing an 88-year-old World War II veteran say it happened because of a crack deal that went wrong — a contention dismissed by the veteran’s friends, the Associated Press reports.

The 16-year-old boys, Kenan Adams-Kinard and Demetrius L. Glenn, had their bail set at $3 million on Tuesday after the beating death of Delbert Belton, known locally as “Shorty,” last week in Spokane, Wash. Police say they found a letter after arresting Adams-Kinard that makes the claim about the crack deal.

“Shorty never did no drugs,” said Ted Denison, a friend who contended the defendants were “smearing his name.”

Both are charged with first-degree robbery murder and face potential life sentences.