— The size of the Navy contract, here, announced Friday to do away with the carrier USS Enterprise. Battleland can almost recall when that was how much it cost to buy one of the behemoths.
We found that in general the Installation and Garrison commanders and their cemetery management staffs were very dedicated and conscientious with respect to management of cemetery operations. This was the first time most of these cemeteries had ever received an oversight inspection from an organization outside the installation. Overall, the Services do well at honoring the dead.
— From a Pentagon inspector general’s report, here, released Friday. Lots of military families will breathe a sigh of relief at the news, given the problems at Arlington National Cemetery in recent years, now largely resolved.


— The number of fully-qualified Afghan air force pilots (15% of the 47 required) for the country’s Special Mission Wing. Despite the lack of pilots – and numerous other shortfalls – the U.S. is pressing ahead with plans to buy $772 million worth of aircraft “that the Afghans cannot operate and maintain,” according to a new report, here, from the Special Inspector General for Afghanistan Reconstruction. And you can’t even blame the rush on U.S. contractors: the 18 new planes are Brazilian-designed, and the 30 helicopters are Russian-built.


— The conviction rate of “enemy combatants” in Afghan courts in 2012 when the Pentagon provided fingerprints and DNA evidence, according to a Government Accountability Office report, here, released Thursday. Wonder if they’ve tried it at Guantanamo?
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