WATCH: Videos Reveal Startling Size of Oklahoma Tornado

Huge twister killed at least 51 people on Monday.

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Shocking new videos of the tornado that rampaged through central Oklahoma on Monday have demonstrated the sheer size and destructive force of the natural phenomenon. At least 24 people were killed as a monstrous twister around one mile wide uprooted trees and demolished homes through densely populated suburbs of Oklahoma City.

The storm decimated scores of buildings in Moore, home to around 41,000 people around 10 miles south of Oklahoma City. The above footage shows the tornado about a mile and a half west of Lake Draper on Monday. “It’s done it before when its gotten really small and all of a sudden swelled up into another tremendous tornado,” says the commentator.

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Ben Holcomb filmed the roaring storm at 134th and Sooner Rd in Oklahoma City on Monday. Later footage shows a swirling mass of debris as the tempest approaches his car.


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The National Weather Service issued an initial finding that the tornado was an EF-4 on the enhanced Fujita scale—the second most-powerful type of twister. This stunning video features 15 minutes of raw footage sped up into just three minutes to show how Monday’s tornado glided across the landscape.