Bombs Away

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REUTERS / Mohammad Ismail

Afghan policemen stand guard at the site of a suicide attack in Kabul Thursday. A suicide bomber in a car targeted two vehicles carrying foreign forces in the Afghan capital.

There’s bad news from Iraq today, and worse news from Afghanistan:

BAGHDAD (AP) — Car bombs struck Shiite neighborhoods of the Iraqi capital and a northern city on Thursday, killing 16 people, while gunmen in Baghdad shot dead the brother of a Sunni lawmaker, officials said.

KABUL (Reuters) – A suicide bomber in a car attacked a convoy of foreign troops in Kabul on Thursday, killing at least 15 people including six Americans, Afghan and foreign officials said, in one of the worst attacks in the Afghan capital in months.

The killing continues in both places.

The U.S. apparently didn’t bring peace and stability to Iraq, and it doesn’t look like it is going to do so in Afghanistan, either.

But at least in Iraq they’re only killing themselves.

Small comfort to the families of the 4,486 U.S. troops who died in Operation Iraqi Freedom. That toll has been frozen for months.

In Afghanistan, the U.S. death toll has been slowly, but steadily, creeping upward. It’s now at 2,226. Soon it will reach 50% of the Iraq total.