SEALs Seeking Outside Dog Trainers…And Apparently Outside Dogs, Too

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A Belgian Malinois, after a tough day of training.

Seeing as the SEALs already are hiring outsiders to train them how to survive in the cold, how to fight, and how to get in and out of hot spots, it shouldn’t really come as a surprise that they’re seeking outside help for their dogs…as well as help in recruiting said mutts.

That might include dogs like Cairo, the Belgian Malinois that accompanied the SEALs on their raid on Osama bin Laden’s lair in Pakistan two years ago.

Naval Special Warfare Group 1 is being coy about the details, saying “a written solicitation will not be issued” in connection with the training. Even the bare-bones solicitation deletes the first two of its 61 pages. The work will take place in San Diego and Virginia Beach, near the SEALs’ West and East coast bases.

This is what NSWG1 says it wants:

Contractor shall provide comprehensive training coverage for both East and West Coast in support of the Multi-Purpose Canine Program. Contractor shall provide experienced capable trainers to include a Canine Lead Trainer, Canine Trainers, and Kennel Support Services in accordance with the Statement of Work. This effort also includes selecting and purchasing canines in accordance with the Statement of Work.

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That Statement of Work might make for interesting reading. Alas, it’s MIA:

Statement of Work is not included within the solicitation. Interested offerors shall email the Contract Specialist requesting the Statement of Work.

Well, Battleland’s requested a copy, as an interested taxpayer, but we’re not holding our breath waiting for it.