Army photo / Sgt. Christopher Harper

U.S. Army Sergeant Ruth Knowlton stands watch as vehicles passes through Afghanistan's Salang Tunnel.

“We’re In It To Win It”

— A tweet from Pentagon press secretary George Little, responding to Tony Karon’s story posted here earlier this morning about U.S. prospects in Afghanistan.

Battleland’s tweet: Time’s Tony Karon on Afghanistan: U.S. playing to a draw, at best?

Little’s countering fire: We’re in it to win it, despite what TIME’s headlines suggest.

The plural suggests Little checked out the original headline on Karon’s article in the World section, which reads: Is the U.S. admitting defeat in Afghanistan?

In a second volley, Little adds:  It means transitioning security and governance to Afghans. US forces are helping ~350K ANSF do that now.

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