Dome Idea

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The BioDome: "Your 10-minute solution to bio-chemical threats," the manufacturer says

Get your own personal dome to protect you and your family from biological and chemical weapons!

“The BioDome is the culmination of years of intense research and product design in the private, medical and military sectors,” said BioDome inventor Martin Gustafson. “We’ve designed a system to meet military requirements that can protect anyone from dangerous chemical/biological agents, in the event of a terrorist attack, accidental chemical spill or biological emergency.”

The BioDome comes in two 60-pound cases and inflates itself in 10 minutes into a 10-foot square room – for either indoor or outdoor use – that can house six adults (!) for “up to several days” (!). Comes complete with 4-by-6-foot airlock to keep germs or chem-weaps at bay.

“The reality of an attack appears to be not ‘if,’ but rather ‘when’ will a terrorist attack happen,” Gustafson says. “With the BioDome, anyone from civilians to military can be prepared to have a protective shelter in a matter of minutes.” Options include “Floor Mats, Windows and Power Supply.”

Alas, there’s no price listed for the BioDome, and a phone message seeking its price left on the company’s answering machine yielded no response.

But if the nation needs a missile-interceptor site on the East Coast, you probably also need the BioDome.