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ISAF photo / MC2 Eliezer Gabriel

Afghan soldiers put their right hands on the Koran as they take their oaths as members of their nation's fledgling military force.

The U.S. military calls it “NJP” – non-judicial punishment. Civilians might liken it to a slap on the wrist, but it generally marks the end of the military career of anyone subject to it.

On Monday, the Pentagon announced that soldiers involved in the burning of the Koran – stupid – would be subject to NJP. The Marines videotaped urinating on Taliban corpses – vile – also got NJP:

— The Army said four officers and a pair of enlisted soldiers got letters-of-reprimand for letting Korans be tossed into a burn pit at Bagram air base in February.

— The Marines said three of their own who showed up on a videotape in January urinating on Taliban corpses also had received NJP, which can include a formal reprimand, a reduction in rank, or being restricted to base.

The services declined to release the names of those involved, saying their punishment was merely administrative in nature.

Americans can be proud that after a decade of war such cases are so rare.