Two of the Time 100

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Diana Walker

Peter Hapak

…announced Wednesday morning are familiar to Battleland readers: Time has former defense secretary Robert Gates writing about his ex-colleague, Secretary of State Hillary Clinton. And retired Admiral Mike Mullen, former chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, tells us about military mental-health mobilizer Barbara van Dahlen, founder of the non-profit Give an Hour, which links up volunteer mental-health experts with troubled troops.

Gates – whose friendship with, and respect for, Clinton was evident when he was running the Pentagon – remains a champion:

Tough. Indefatigable. Patient. Smart. Knowledgeable. Superior political instincts. Funny. Loyal team player. Finds opportunities in crises and challenges. Skilled global advocate for American interests and American values. That is my job description for U.S. Secretary of State. Fortunately, the job has been filled for the past three-plus years by someone who has all those qualities: Hillary Rodham Clinton.

Mullen cheers on van Dahlen for what she and her organization have done for the nation’s troops back from war:

Through her organization, Give an Hour, she has mobilized thousands of mental-health professionals to volunteer countless hours of counseling for those in need, at a time when there is a critical shortfall in the military and throughout our country. Barbara has tenaciously attacked the epidemic of posttraumatic stress disorder, helping break through the stigma that prevents many from seeking help.

Time has a video of van Dahlen and her work here.

Congratulations to both women, and thanks to the authors for sharing their insights into these two remarkable leaders.