More For Show Than Protection

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That was headline Tuesday in the Japan Times on the prospect that the Japanese military will be able to do anything to protect Japanese citizens if the North Korean rocket launch slated for later this week goes astray. The article notes it was comments from a Pentagon official that debris could fall on Japan or elsewhere in the region that “immediately set off alarm bells in Tokyo.” It adds:

Following Japan’s decision to use its state-of-the-art ¥1 trillion missile defense system, the Defense Ministry has deployed seven PAC-3 land-to-air interceptor missiles in Okinawa and Tokyo. In addition, three Maritime Self-Defense Force destroyers equipped with Aegis combat systems and Standard Missile-3 interceptors will be stationed in the Sea of Japan and in waters around Okinawa. Adding to the show, hundreds of troops have been positioned around Okinawa in case of “an emergency,” however unlikely.

Who says the Japanese are inscrutable?