NoKo & Syria: Family Businesses

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Syria's Assad

Korea's Jong-un

Kim Jong-un, North Korea’s new leader, sent greetings Thursday to strongman Bashar al-Assad on the 49th anniversary of his family’s dictatorial rule of Syria:

Please accept my warm congratulations to you, the Baath Arab Socialist Party and the friendly government and people of Syria on the occasion of the 49th anniversary of the March 8 revolution in Syria. Availing myself of this opportunity, I reiterate our support and solidarity with the efforts of your party, government and people to defend the country’s sovereignty, security and stability and wish you good health and happiness and success in your responsible work.

Of course, the Jong clan has held onto power for three generations stretching back 67 years, eclipsing Syria’s 49-year, two-generation rule. It’s kind of like the holiday card you sometimes get from your auto mechanic: got to keep those arms sales going.