Making Things Kristol Klear

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This is a new documentary about how President Obama hasn’t been allied sufficiently with Israel, going so far, it notes, to discourage Israel from attacking Iran. It’s from an outfit calling itself the Emergency Committee for Israel, which Battleland hadn’t heard of before Monday morning.

We learned of it on the Weekly Standard’s blog. The Weekly Standard is a conservative magazine run by GOP hawk William Kristol, who also was a key advocate of going to war with Iraq with his Project for the New American Century. He’s also on the board of the Foreign Policy Initiative, which advocates increased defense spending. Turns out he’s one of three folks directing the Emergency Committee for Israel, as well.

All of these groups are inside the mainstream of national-security thought, albeit tacking closely to the stream’s right bank. But “all of these groups” may be a misleading phrase given Bill Kristol’s fingerprints on each one. Audiophiles might think of them not so much as a chorus as a single voice, multi-tracked.