Afghan Troops and Their `Allies’: Can They Get Along?

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Noorullah Shirzada/AFP/Getty Images

Afghan soldiers block a road at the site of a suicide attack in the city of Jalalabad on Monday, after a suicide bomber killed nine people near a NATO base in what the Taliban said was retaliation for the Koran burning at Bagram a week ago

Once again from Kabul, Time’s John Wendle:

The growing divide between Afghan soldiers and their mentors has already been stretched to the breaking point after six days of violent and deadly protests over the Koran burning that have left around 30 dead, including four U.S. troops previously killed by Afghan soldiers or men in Afghan-security-force uniforms. The burning of Korans by foreign troops on one side and the killing of foreign troops by Afghan soldiers on the other have pushed the level of alienation between the two sides to what could be an all-time high.

Full dispatch here.