Koran-Burning Backlash Seems to Ease

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An Afghan policeman uses his baton to disperse demonstrators during a protest against Koran desecration in Kabul on February 24.

…according to John Wendle of Time:

“…as the sun began to set and temperatures again dropped below freezing, fears of more extreme violence and chaos have proven unfounded. Death tolls ranged from four to 12 across the country, the higher number pushing the fatalities into the 20s for the duration of the protests. While tragic, the numbers did not approach what some observers had feared. And though embassies and international aid agencies around Kabul remain on lockdown, and many shops remain shuttered, foreigners, security providers, ordinary Afghans and the Afghan government are beginning to breathe a sigh of relief. `The protests are fizzling out,’ one security contractor with years of experience in Afghanistan tells TIME. But it remains unclear whether this is because protesters were disorganized or because calls for calm were heeded.”

Full dispatch here.