Marine Corps: “Battleland” Cutoff a Snafu

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The Marine Corps is now explaining why its computers have been denied access recently to this blog. A spokesman says it was done automatically, and not deliberately. By mid-morning, access to Battleland from corps computers had been restored, Lieut. Colonel Stew Upton said Monday morning.

He says he knows the “What’s Wrong with the Marines Corps?” post didn’t trigger the denial of access – as a Marine reader suggested — because Upton couldn’t access it from his work computer a week ago after it came to his attention.

His theory: both Battleland and CNN’s Security Clearance “have the name `blog’ in your script for your website address.” That, he suggests, acted as an automatic trigger to deny access (although it doesn’t explain why access had been allowed for nearly a year before).

“That’s how we knew it was blocked before,” he adds. “We had to have that post – `What’s Wrong With the Marine Corps’ – sent to us from outside the network, so it was blocked before that – that’s how we know that.”

Upton says that “there’s a number of red flags that go up all the time with the network – Drudge’s site can become blocked at times because maybe its pushing folks over to Chinese media – Xinhua – and stuff like that. It’s the network protecting itself.”