Women in Combat: Dying to Kill

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Female suicide bombers from the cover of the Army report

Female suicide bombers are better than their male counterparts, at least in some ways, according to an Army assessment:

Although women make up roughly 15% of the suicide bombers within groups which utilize females, they were responsible for 65% of assassinations; 20% of women who committed a suicide attack did so with the purpose of assassinating a specific individual, compared with 04% of male attackers.

The threads linking such women in Afghanistan, Iraq and elsewhere include:

— Grieving the loss of family members, seeking revenge against those they feel are responsible for the loss

— Unable to produce children

— Dishonored through sexual indiscretion

One woman in Iraq used that last motivation as a lever, saying “she assisted in organizing rapes of women and then persuaded the women to commit suicide attacks as a means to atone for the shame of being raped.”

The full report, by Army intelligence analysts at Fort Leavenworth last year, can be found here. h/t Public Intelligence