Afghanistan’s Helmand Province: Both Sides Now

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Marine Corps photo by Lance Cpl. Keith R. Durao

A lone Marine greets the dawn in Helmand province

Over the weekend, GOP presidential candidate Rick Perry and the conservative, pro-military Moving American Forward advocacy group defended the Marines who allegedly urinated on Taliban corpses. This is what happens when politics no longer stops at the water’s edge, and when criticism of the military is viewed as treason. Alas: when you can’t denounce vile behavior, you enable anarchy. No soldier or Marine Battleland has discussed the event with has voiced such views.

The media may have gotten carried away with this story. That’s part of the downside of the First Amendment. And that’s one of the reasons Battleland posted an item Tuesday morning on the three Air Force anti-IED airmen killed January 5…by an IED. Strange how we know more about those Marines in Helmand province than the heroes who died — also in Helmand — trying to protect their comrades from harm.