The Perfect Headline on the Silent Sino-American Limited Liability Partnership

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REUTERS/Jamejamonline/Ebrahim Norouzi

Iranian ships participate in a naval parade on the last day of the Velayat-90 war game on the Sea of Oman near the Strait of Hormuz in southern Iran January 3, 2012.

Comes from Bloomberg:

China Gets Cheaper Iran Oil as U.S. Picks Up Tab for Hormuz Straits Patrols

Brilliant huh?

But a wonderful capture of the illogic of Obama’s “strategic pivot” to East Asia: the more we try to hem in China there, the more they seek breakout situations elsewhere around the world. Picking and embracing countries on America’s naughty list is a given- with an added bonus!  Because America will provide all the security dollars on those situations while China walks away with the energy/commodities at bargain basement prices.

North Korea is the preeminent example on minerals, Iran on oil, but there are so many more out there, especially when our new focus basically cedes Latin America and Africa to China.

Obama thinks he applying some geostrategic “Anaconda” to China in Asia, but it’s America that’s getting squeezed on its finances from all sides, as we pay to secure Chinese resources the world over that are thereupon sold to us, filling up Chinese dollar reserve coffers all the more.

And what happens the minute our play with Iran goes kinetic?  Goodbye strategic pivot!

This isn’t shooting yourself in the foot by accident.  This is slipping the muzzle in your mouth and yanking the trigger.