Watching SEAL Team 6

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Suunto: The SEAL Team 6 watch

The Naval Special Warfare Development Group – that would the Navy’s famed SEAL Team 6, secretly famous for their recent successful hunt for Osama bin Laden – apparently needs some new watches. In a recent federal business solicitation, the SEAL folks made clear they have a need for a “Suunto Core Military black wrist watch.” And not just one – they’re in the market for 200. The Finnish-made timepieces go for $300 each on Amazon.

“You could go sky diving, diving and all-terrain-ing with this one device thanks to its altimeter, depth meter and water thermometer, compass and sunrise/sunset clock… just to name a few,” one Amazon buyer posted. “It’s very light, and very rugged. And with the sleek black minimalist design fits with every style!” A SEAL spokeswoman said such purchases are routine for special-ops forces. “This type of watch is said to be durable, a characteristic required by service members who operate in rugged environments and require more than a simple timepiece,” Patricia O’Connor said Monday.