Just Who Is a Veteran?

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The VFW Hall in Hoquiam, Wash. / Wiki

Over on the VA blog, VAntage Point, Army vet Kate Hoit asks, and tries to answer, that vexing (at least for some vets) question:

The definition can be unclear. And it wasn’t the first time I’d encountered confusion over the topic. Former service members give a variety of answers when posed with the question. I’ve heard it all: everything from, “One is a Vet once they’ve obtained a DD-214,” and “Someone who had the stones to raise their right hand and honorably serve without question,” and “In order to be a Vet you have to have served in a war, but I know people who haven’t and they’re also considered Vets.”

If you’re still confused after reading her column, you can check out this VA website to see if, in fact, you are an official veteran of the U.S. military.