“This Is Not About Country `X'”

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Bizzaro is that D.C. Comics character whose every statement means the opposite. Got a two-fer on that score from the Pentagon on Wednesday. Inquiring reporters wanted to know if the planned basing of 2,500 Marines in Australia had anything at all to do with China. “It’s not about China,” Pentagon spokesman George Little responded. Well, what about that new 30,000-pound bomb the Air Force has just added to its arsenal, designed to punch 200 feet underground before detonating? Shouldn’t that make Iran’s nuclear (bomb?) developers a little nervous? “The system’s not aimed at any one country,” said Navy Capt. John Kirby, who has begun tag-teaming Pentagon briefings with Little.

Maybe saying two such whoppers at a single briefing means they wipe one another out – kind of like those noise-cancelling headphones that eliminate ambient sound by generating an “anti-noise” signal that eradicates the original racket.

Not true, spokesman Little emails: “What we said is absolutely correct.  These initiatives aren’t about any single country.”