Is This Fair? Or a Cheap Shot (Across the Bow)?

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Mitt Romney

Despite our best efforts, we keep hearing that we’re a year out from the next presidential election. Not sure if that means it’s time to start paying attention, but we’ll be citing some of what the candidates say about defense in the coming months. Last week, GOP candidate Mitt Romney went after the Navy:

Let me give you an example of just how out of control government has become. Former Secretary of the Navy John Lehman reports that during the Second World War, we commissioned 1000 ships a year, and the Navy purchasing department that year, which they called the Bureau of Ships, had 1000 employees. By the time John was Secretary during the Reagan Administration, we commissioned 17 ships a year. And Navy purchasing had grown to 4,000 people. Today, we commission 9 ships a year. And purchasing? It’s grown to 24,000 people. A business like that would be out of business.

How much of a point does he have?