China Syndrome

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U.S. and Malaysian naval forces war gaming recently in the South China Sea / Navy photo by Katerine Noll

It’s plain China is our Next Big Enemy. All the experts say so. And even if it isn’t, we have to prepare for war with it in case it comes true. Yum! The self-licking ice cream cone never tasted so good.

So folks are marshalling arguments either to support or knock that notion. Here’s a handy list from the American Enterprise Institute that warns of embracing what China expert Dan Blumenthal calls his “top 10 unicorns” – fantasies, in other words — of U.S. policy toward China:

…unlike unicorns, our China policy excursions into the realm of make believe could be dangerous. Crafting a better China policy requires us to identify what is imaginary in our thinking about China.

Check out his list here.