Alleged Chinook Shooter Speaks

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A CH-47 takes off in Afghanistan / Army photo by Cameron Boyd

It never ceases to amaze that British newspapers seem to get the stories that their American counterparts are unable to snare. We recently had the Financial Times report that the Pakistanis let the Chinese see — and sample — the MH-60 chopper that crashed during the bin Laden raid, and here’s a second such chopper story this week.

It’s also in a London-based paper — the Times — and purports to be an interview with one of the two Taliban who fired rocket-propelled grenades that downed the CH-47 crammed with 30 U.S. troops — including 17 SEALs — as well as eight Afghans:

“He fired and it landed inside the chopper and exploded,” Haqiar said. “I fired one, and it hit the nose of the bird. The chopper lost balance and fell to the ground on its side and rolled. There was a huge explosion and we could see into the back of the Chinook and we saw the inside was on fire.”

I’d take this with a big grain of salt. Even if the reporter is telling the truth, doesn’t mean his supposed shooter is.