Fully-Loaded Magazine

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TIME published its report on Osama bin Laden’s death three days after it happened. It has taken bin Laden’s allies nearly three months. The latest issue of Inspire, the English-language jihadist magazine allegedly published by al Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula, hails his sacrifice:

While we lament the loss of a great leader, we also congratulate our Muslim nation for the martyrdom of Shaykh Usama. He was waited for this moment for over thirty years. He lived a life of piety, gave up a comfortable life at an early age to join the mujahidin in the mountains of Afghanistan, spent his wealth in the path of Allah, founded an organization that would lead the jihad of today, and sat over the planning and execution of the greatest special operation of all time: the raids of Washington and New York.

Somehow seems fitting the magazine didn’t see fit to mention the hijacked plane that crashed in Shanksville, Penn. Thanks, once again, to the passengers of Flight 93.