Gates to Write Two (More) Books

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Gates' first book

Guess former defense secretary Robert Gates doesn’t want to retire completely. Publishing house Alfred A. Knopf announced Tuesday morning that Gates will write two books over the next three years: a memoir of his highly-regarded stewardship of the Pentagon, in 2013, and one on leadership in 2014. Gates is a pretty good writer — his 1996 autobiography, From the Shadows, gives readers a warts-and-all look at his quarter-century at the CIA.

“I will share insights gleaned from my experience of working for two very different presidents in two administrations of very different political stripes,” Gates says of his new memoir. As for his leadership tome: “At a time when government at every level seems paralyzed by bureaucracy and politics, I want to share how I overcame those obstacles and enabled dedicated professionals to better accomplish their missions — techniques I believe also apply to most organizations and companies.” Too bad he can’t write that one first…by Aug. 2.