America Openly Wages Cyber-Warfare Around the Planet

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"I got your workaround, I got it right here!"

NYT story describing how Obama administration is funding all sorts of shadow networks to thwart government censorship overseas. I think this is fine.  [Blank] ’em if they can’t take the Web – a Defense Department creation, BTW.

But understand this: we get all jacked about cyber warfare against our infrastructure (How dare people attack our stuff!) and then we blithely “attack” – in the eyes of other governments – the infrastructure they consider to be most valuable – their regime legitimacy as controlled and manipulated by them. Guess what? Those governments consider this cyber warfare of the most offensive sort. Again, I think we’re doing God’s work; I just want Americans to admit who they are.

We pretend to be all about law and order and the status quo, and we remain the most revisionist/revolution-spewing government in the world, making the Chinese and Iranians look like children by comparison. I think that’s spectacularly good, but I think we should skip the fear-mongering hypocrisy. We love to wage offensive cyber warfare, and we have no intention of ever reining it in . . . except when our stuff is threatened.