New Army Ads…and Movies

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Later Wednesday, the Army releases a trio of new ads designed to get young folks interested in serving. There’s one for leadership (above), another citing opportunity, and a third emphasizing education. They have that momentous musical theme in the background that reminds me of Marines pitches. To entice reporters to come out and see the new commercials at a suburban Washington, D.C. movie theater, Army spokesman George Wright notes that “after the event, there are nine tickets available for the new Pirates of the Caribbean film.”

I tell ya, this budget-cutting has got to stop – can you imagine being the 10th reporter to show up? And isn’t Pirates of the Caribbean a Navy flick? “The ads are designed to drive viewers to an interactive experience at,” Wright emails Battleland. “An X-Men feature video at the site will drive viewers to see exclusive scenes of the upcoming movie, X-Men.” OK, George: whatever works. But isn’t X-Men, like, fiction?