The Good bin Laden-Busting SEALs of Approval

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OK — admit it. It’s been awhile since the nation had such a sense of accomplishment. But the Navy SEALs — admired not only for their bravery, but for their willingness to do so invisibly — have touched a lot of folks around the country. What lawmaker could ignore the chance to stand in their warm afterglow?

Certainly not Senator Mark Warner, a Democrat from Virginia, which just happens to be home to the SEALs who killed Osama bin Laden two weeks ago. “These Navy commandos can never be celebrated at parades, press conferences or photo ops,” he says on his website. “But I believe a lot of Virginians, and many Americans, would like to say `Thank you.'”

More than a thousand folks have already voted with their keyboards, showering the SEALs with so much acclaim no wonder they want to stay in hiding — otherwise, they’d blush to death.

Here’s a sampling:

 As a retired, female, US Army veteran, no other words can really describe what I felt when I heard that “TEAM 6” killed Bin Laden but a huge “HOOAH”!!!!

 — Stlctycam

  Thank you Navy Seals! You should definitely get all the glory for this one! It is too bad the American people can’t shake the hand of the Navy Seal that fired that fatal shot!

 — Edith Peters

 This Ground Zero Veteran wants to say thank you to my fellow serviceman for bringing to justice to someone who caused our nation fellow citizens so much pain.

 — Jeffrey Damien Cappella – Buffalo, New York.

 Though I will never know who you are you will always be in my heart. I value your safety and do not want to know who you are. I prefer to think that maybe you are behind me in a supermarket, maybe sitting in front of me at a baseball game or prehaps coaching a little league socker match. You guys are our Hero’s and it is with lots of gratitude that I say “Thank you for putting you life in danger to make mine a little safer.

— Cathy

 A huge Thank you and to let you know how proud we are from Rocky Gap Elementary School!

— Mr. Underwood’s 5th grade class

 As a retired member of US Army Special Forces and Joint Special Operations Groups, you make me proud of our Special Operations Forces. Having previously worked alongside Navy SEALs, I already knew that you are extremely professional, dedicated, and capable. What you have done this time was awesome and a great tribute to and for our country. God bless you and thank you for your service and extraordinary performance of duty. Stay strong.

— Bruno Rizzato from Tampa

 God Bless you guys!! Thank you for keeping us safe. If you are ever on Interstate 95, stop by Bass Pro Shop, I’ll give you some fudge, I make it.

— Anne