The Roots of Bradley Manning

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Julian Assange and WikiLeaks hit pay dirt when Army Private First Class Bradley Manning reached out to them with CDs full of classified U.S. diplomatic cables and other data that WikiLeaks has shared with the world. While the U.S. government hasn’t fingered Manning as the source of all this material, it’s plain he’s the prime suspect in the pilfering. (See TIME’s interview with Julian Assange)

Bradley Manning and his 7th-grade science project / This Land -- Relevant Readings Regarding Oklahoma

Who is Bradley Manning? It’s a fair question. The best answer to date may have come from Denver Nicks and the piece he did for the website This Land – Relevant Readings Regarding Oklahoma:

…little is known about Bradley Manning. We know that he grew up in Crescent, Oklahoma, a town made famous by one of the biggest whistleblowing events in American history a decade before Bradley was born. Currently, he’s in solitary confinement at Marine Corps Base Quantico in Virginia, awaiting trial, and unable to speak to the press. His family and many of his close friends have been advised not to talk to the media. If the allegations against Private Manning are true, the 22-year-old from Oklahoma is responsible for the biggest leak of military secrets in American history…

Read the full piece here.

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