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The Few. The Proud. The Morons.

Senator John McCain said the viral video clip of U.S. Marines in Afghanistan apparently urinating on three corpses identified as Taliban enemy dead “makes me so sad” on CBS Thursday morning.

There’s not a lot else that needs to be said.

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Stupid Soldier, Or Did CNN Just Launch a Revolution?

Hard to figure out what’s worse – a soldier violating formal and long-standing Pentagon rules by cheering on GOP presidential candidate Ron Paul while in uniform, or those insisting that his interview with CNN was cut off because the network (part of the Time family, we should note) wanted to censor his statement about …

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Hope — If Not Home — For the Holidays

Absent momentous news, this is likely to be Battleland’s final pre-Christmas post. Given the lack of sources in D.C. through New Year’s, we’ll be scaling back on our posts in the coming week, too. But before we start our holiday shopping, let’s end on a happy note. Check out this tribute to Bob Hope, and all the tours he did …

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Mettle of Honor?

Texas Governor Rick Perry has a new TV spot featuring a pair of Medal of Honor recipients endorsing his candidacy for President. Not sure if Americans will view this as a reason to vote for him – for the heroes’ heartfelt feelings — or against him, for turning the nation’s highest award for valor into just another political trinket.

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The Final Raptor…

F-22 tail number 4195 rolled off Lockheed Martin’s Marietta, Ga., assembly line on Tuesday. It was the 187th, and last, of the fifth-generation super-stealth fighters to be built. When the program began – the first F-22 rolled off the line in 1997 – the Air Force said it needed 750 of them.

There is some additional …

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Marine Afghan Bang-Bang

You know when the public has tired of a war? When the TV networks go home and the Marine Corps has to release its own bang-bang video. That happened Wednesday morning, as the Marines spread far and wide a five-minute clip of leathernecks coming under Taliban attack in Afghanistan’s Helmand province. It’s compelling watching, as 1st …

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Remembering Pearl Harbor

Retired Navy master chief yeoman Jim Taylor talks about sending off survivors of the attack on Pearl Harbor to spend eternity with their shipmates, who perished 70 years ago Wednesday. “I think the reason that they want their ashes scattered in the harbor, in Pearl Harbor in particular, is because their shipmates, their …

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