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Four Strikes

Cory Provus, a Milwaukee Brewers baseball team broadcaster (since when did that become a position on the diamond?) recently visited troops recuperating at Walter Reed Army Medical Center in D.C.:

We met one young soldier from Staten Island, NY, that [hey — he’s a broadcaster] lost all 4 limbs while in Afghanistan. But there he was …

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Back Home: Traumatic Heart Injuries

Traumatic brain injury — TBI — is one of the current plagues affecting the U.S. military. Medical care has gotten so good that troops can survive even a penetrating brain wound. But they’re never the same. That’s what led Shannon Maxwell to write Our Daddy Is Invincible for her two kids, 7 and 10, after her husband — their father …

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Wounded Inaction

Given the amazing medical facilities the U.S. military has in Afghanistan and Iraq, medical evacuations of U.S. troops from those countries are reserved for only the most seriously wounded or sick. Between 2001 and last October 1, some 2 million Americans served in the war zones; 62,087 of them had to be evacuated for medical care. …

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Tending to War's Hidden Wounds

President Obama is visiting Bethesda Naval Hospital Wednesday afternoon, and that’ll get some coverage in Thursday’s papers. But today, on page 1 of the Metro section of the Washington Post, is the kind of story that too often goes untold. It’s a simple article about how nine women — who have spent months caring for their husbands at …