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PTSD Also Happens Far From the Front

Just ask John Groth, a former Air Force reserve chaplain. It was his job to counsel the mortuary-affairs personnel who have tended to the more than 4,000 U.S. troops who have come home in flagged-draped coffins via Delaware’s Dover Air Force Base since 9/11:

It was his role to pray during the arrival of a flag-draped transfer case and …

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The Military's Headache Is Getting Worse

The Pentagon has just issued a mental-health summary for the nation’s entire military and it isn’t pretty. “In 2009, mental disorders accounted for more hospitalizations of U.S. service members than any other diagnostic category,” the report says. “…in the last year of the decade, approximately one of every 12 service members received …

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Military Headache

The chart below shows how traumatic brain injuries — which usually happen when troops’ brains are violently shaken inside their skulls due to roadside bombs — have soared among U.S. troops in Afghanistan and Iraq. They’ve jumped from less than 80 a month in 2003 to more than 450 a month this year. That’s more than 15 U.S. troops a day …

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A Growing Trend: Special Courts for War Vets

The nation tends to calculate the cost of wars in blood and treasure — how many of our troops have been killed and wounded, and how much did the Treasury and taxpayer have to spend — or borrow — to prosecute the campaign. One thing a decade of fighting reveals clearly are the hidden costs of combat that only become evident as they …