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How to Save a Trillion

Speaking, as we just did, of military-spending reviews, Time has a compelling piece in its latest issue detailing just how the nation could save $1 trillion out of the $7 trillion it is planning to spend on military forces over the coming decade. The author asserts real cuts will not happen until the White House and Congress get the …

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As the father of two long-ago Cub Scouts who would enter the Pinewood Derby every year, we have certificates in our basement lauding them for best paint job or best aerodynamic design — in other words, praise to make up for the fact that their little wooden race cars didn’t win (don’t get me started on the mini-sailboats you had to blow …

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"Not So Fast, Mr. Secretary"

Even as Defense Secretary Robert Gates modestly nips and tucks the rate of increase in military spending, his House GOP overseers are saying: Stop! The new chairman of the House Armed Services Committee, Rep. Buck McKeon of California, and all seven of his GOP subcommittee chairmen, sent Gates a letter yesterday basically ordering him …

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Go To Hail Britannia

Once-mighty Britain scales back her ambitious defence-spending plans today. It marks a turning point in its place in the world. It plans to announce it is scrapping and/or delaying warplanes and warships in a major way. This was all foretold in an amazingly prescient — and amazingly funny — “interview” on British TV three years ago. …

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Figures Don't Lie — Military Spending edition

There’s a call for increased defense spending in this morning’s Wall Street Journal opinion pages. Just as a thunderclap follows lightning, there will soon be a call for more cuts in military spending from the editorial page of the New York Times. There’s no reason you can’t play along with this game at home. To help, here’s a pair of …


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