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The Medal of Honor: How It Happened

President Obama awarded the nation’s highest award for valor to Army Sergeant First Class Leroy Petry Tuesday afternoon. He earned it en route to losing his right hand in 2008 when he and his fellow soldiers came under attack in Afghanistan. The Army has put together a visual account of how this Ranger became a hero.

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Restolen Valor?

Honor is a big deal in the military. Valor is even bigger. Recognition of such bravery is the high point of many soldiers’ careers. “A soldier will fight long and hard,” Napoleon aptly observed nearly two centuries ago, “for a bit of colored ribbon.”

But what if that bit of colored ribbon is fake? And the person wearing it a …

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Medal Of Dishonor?

I know there are some soldiers fighting for us today who are glad Bryan Fischer isn’t serving alongside them. The alleged pro-family blogger complained the other day that the Medal of Honor is becoming “feminized” because it’s being awarded to soldiers who have saved comrades instead of killing the enemy (be sure to check out the …

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Medal of Honor hurdles — and benefits

Last week was an extraordinary one for the Medal of Honor, which the nation bestowed on two Army staff sergeants serving in Afghanistan. Last Thursday, the White House awarded the medal to Robert Miller, 24, who died in January 2008 while saving the lives of U.S. and Afghan troops during a nighttime firefight in Konar Province near the …

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At Last, A Living Hero…

On Thursday, the White House announced the seventh Medal of Honor to be awarded to troops killed in either Afghanistan or Iraq. No living soldier, sailor, airman or Marine had earned the medal since Vietnam, something that has raised question about the military’s MOH-vetting process among veterans, the military and Congress. But the same …