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Friday Evening’s Furtive F-22 Fix

They say big agencies in Washington, ranging from the White House to the Pentagon, like to dump things they’d rather not have see the light of day late on a Friday. That way, they only appear as a blip in the thin Saturday morning papers, and by Sunday, we’re on to new news. That strikes me as way too cynical…until something like

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The F-22 Rapture

Sure…we know it’s officially known as the F-22 Raptor. But Harold Camping’s prediction that the Rapture is coming Saturday at 6 p.m. — no matter where you are — has lots of folks in a tizzy. Some of them, no doubt, are looking for clues to the future online by typing “Rapture” into Google and other search engines. If the end of …

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"You Provide The Pictures, I'll Provide The War"

The Wall Street Journal‘s front page today features a pair of black-bordered snapshots of China’s J-20 fighter, under a headline warning of “A Chinese Stealth Challenge?” For those of us who have read the Journal for years, respecting its balanced and judicious approach on national-security topics, it’s plane something has changed …

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F-22: Call Sign "Rusty"

You’ll recall the Air Force claims its F-22 fighter is the world’s best. Heck, at $350 million a pop, it should be. Too bad they didn’t invest in RustOleum when they were building it.

The Government Accountability Office reports:

Corrosion of the aluminum skin panels on the F-22 was first observed in spring 2005, less than 6 months …